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The easiest way
to invest in blue-chip NFTs

OptyFi NFT Vaults enable you to simply and passively invest in the best NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
How It Works
Get managed investment exposure to NFTs in 3 easy steps.
Deposit ETH from your wallet in exchange for shares of the NFT vaults.
Hand-picked OptyFi Strategists buy and sell NFTs using data-driven insights.
Redeem your initial capital plus your share of any profits we make from investments.
Profit Sharing

About The NFT Vaults

We have designed a decentralized and community-driven protocol with the mission to make NFT investing accessible to everyone.
You can deposit ETH into any vault during its funding period. Afterward, portfolio managers and strategists work together to optimally invest your capital in NFTs.
Vault Tokens
When you invest in a vault, you receive vault tokens in exchange which represent your share of the vault. You can redeem your tokens for ETH at the end of the vault.
Community Ownership
Invest in blue-chip NFTs alongside other users and then contribute to decision making and governance of the vaults.
Portfolio Managers
Each vault will have a portfolio manager who will be responsible for working with strategists and managing the assets of the vault.
To optimize the returns on your investment, we will onboard NFT investing experts who will use data-driven insights to make buying and selling decisions.

Genesis Vaults

The first two NFT vaults we launch will invest only in Crypto Punks and Bored Apes respectively.
PUNK Vault
BAYC Vault

Not interested in Punks and Apes?

Let us know the NFTs you want to Ape into!