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Composable Yield Architecture

The OptyFi Protocol approaches the DeFi yield from a first principles approach. Depositing into a liquidity pool is considered a strategy step. These steps can be combined (in parallel and sequence) into complex yield strategies resulting in a large universe of possible strategies. OptyFI smart contracts automate the execution of yield strategies. As contributors add additional protocols and liquidity pools to the OptyFi protocol, the universe of executable strategies grows exponentially.

Open Yield Network

The OptyFi's protocol is designed to easily integrate with new protocols and liquidity pools. The protocol's modular architecture enables collaboration between specialized participants including Integration Builders, Portfolio Managers, Risk Analysts and Data Providers. It is hoped that this will result in a thriving yield ecosystem which will produce innovative financial products and enhance mainstream adoption of DeFi.


Integrators expand the Strategy Graph by adding "adapters" to integrate with other protocols.
New pool can be added in minutes
Protocol can be added in days
Integrator receives a portion of fees when strategy is used
Incentive mechanism enables the OptyFi protocol to grow at a scale that centralized teams cannot compete with


Focus strategy rather than code development
Can focus on different strategy, pool types and protocols
Vaults can subscribe to one or more strategists
Strategists will be rewarded in vault fees
To be rolled out in the future

Risk Analysts

Vaults can choose to subscribe to risk analysts to filter strategies
If picked analysts would be paid a portion of fees
To be rolled out in the future

Data Providers

Providing performance data on the Strategists and Risk Analysts
Providing pool data such as lending pool supply/borrow rates and trading pool fees to Strategists and Risk Analysts
Generating signals which can be used by Strategists in developing strategy predictions and by Risk Analysts in changing strategy risk profiles or pool ratings.
Data providers can support the ecosystem by:
To be rolled out in the future