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Meet the awesome people building OptyFi to bring DeFi to the world
Dhruvin Parikh
CTO and Lead Blockchain Developer
Blockchain and Solidity Developer
Mario Gutiérrez Valero
Faisal Qureshi
CEO and Financial Engineer
Leo Dinh
Blockchain Full-stack Developer
DeFi Strategist
Curtis Pointer
Emeka Anaekwe
Product Manager
Blockchain and Solidity Engineer
Iason Perikleous
Nima Ghazanfari
Blockchain Full-stack Developer
David D'Amario
Data Scientist
Gina Ho
Chinese Community Manager
Thiago Zygband
Community Manager
Carlos Simko
Quantitative Engineer
Maria Verbytska
Industry and DAO Partnerships
Sergio Elkhoury
Stef Roussos
Designer & Software Developer
Uwe Voelker
Backend Engineer
Project Manager
Andrew Sartori
Blockchain Developer
Rafael Albuquerque


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