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Generate Wealth From Decentralized Assets

OptyFi helps you to generate wealth in DeFi by investing in the most profitable risk-adjusted yield strategy across hundreds of liquidity pools, dozens of protocols and multiple blockchains.
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OptyFi continually searches thousands of DeFi strategies and shifts your assets into the most profitable strategy matching your risk preference.
9 Protocols
12,748 Strategies
145 Liquidity Pools

Effortless Access to DeFi's Optimal Yield

Dynamic Strategy Composition
OptyFi generates multi-step strategies dynamically. Protocol smart contracts can execute strategies of varying complexity while enforcing user risk constraints.
Continuous Strategy Optimization
OptyFi's strategy optimization engine continuously evaluates thousands of strategies, recommending the optimal strategy as conditions change.
Expanding DeFi Yield Network
OptyFi's architecture allows protocols to be integrated with ease. As new liquidity pools are enabled, the universe of strategies increases exponentially.


OptyFi composes yield strategies dynamically from integrated DeFi protocols. The strategy optimization engine continually evaluates the universe of strategies, recommending the most profitable strategies as conditions change. Protocol smart contracts are able to execute strategies of any level of complexity while enforcing user specified risk constraints.

OPTY Governance Token

The OPTY token gives its owners the right to make all major decisions regarding the development and operation of the protocol. OPTY can be staked to receive additional OPTY rewards.

OPTY token launch coming soon.

Token Features

Participate in major decisions regarding development and operation of OptyFi.


Stake your OPTY to receive more OPTY and boosted yield for your investments.

Boosted Yield

Protocol Integrations

OptyFi's modular architecture makes it easy to integrate new protocols and add new liquidity pools. With each new integration, the universe of strategies grows exponentially.

OptyFi Community

Join the growing OptyFi community. Learn how you can invest in vaults, build yield strategies and earn OPTY token rewards.

App and OPTY Token launch coming soon.